Am I able to change the endpoint configuration of individual lines?


I’m looking for a way to update the end point configuration of individual end points. Specifically, I want to change the ‘IP address of phone server’ and the ‘Configuration Type’ fields for individual lines.

I’ve found options in the PBX web portal, under OSS End Point Configuration Manager, but it only allows me to make changes globally, I want to do individual lines.

I can view settings and configuration of end points in the ‘Device List’, but again, I’m only able to edit globally and the ‘configuration type’ field is grayed out.

Where can I edit the ‘IP address of phone server’ and the ‘Configuration Type’ fields for individual lines instead of globally?

Thank you

bump. still looking for information on pushing end point configurations to individual end points instead of globally to all.

I do not think this is possible with either EPM as they are template driven.

Oh shoot! That’s not good to hear.

Is there a template editor available that I could use to modify templates and change the provisioning information, then push them out to their appropriate End Points?

Make a template for the phone and manually enter the IP in that template.

Hello, thank you for your reply.
Do you mind providing a bit of clarification? I’d like to make a template containing the new provisioning credentials that I can push to my phones, but I don’t know where/how I can make that.
Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?
Thank you

How do I make the template though?

bump. looking for help with templates. i’ve been able to clone in the end point manager, but i think i’ve messed up some settings. looking for a guide for templates