Always receiving hundreds weird numbers everyday


I have helped my client to setup 60 phones system with freepbx but one of the phone is always getting the hundreds wired call every day. The inbound and outbound calling functions are working fine on all devices including the problem number but only this number has this problem.

I also contacted with the provider and they told me those call is not from their network. The pattern of the number is very weird and I have attached the pic on this post.

If someone has the experience before, please let me know how to prevent this crazy calling.



This is a stray SIP call that plagues the internet from malicious users. Either this spurious SIP INVITE is reaching the PBX and being routed to the phone [unlikley] OR the INVITE is reaching the phone directly. If there is nothing in the PBX CDR for these events, then it’s the latter.

You can usually fix this by configuring the phone to not accept INVITES from unregistered sources, and/or config the phone not to use a SIP port in the 5xxx range.

As Lorne has already touched on, is the phone behind a firewall at all? Or is it directly on the wild wild internet.

I deployed the freepbx on AWS cloud. I didn’t use the freepbx firewall but I am using AWS security group to prevent the malicious attack.

Thank you for answering my question. There is no logs or records shown those calls in PBX. I believe the this SIP INVITE is reaching the phone directly, I will follow your advice to decline the INVITES from unregistered sources. Thanks

I only see this happening with crappy firewalls. Even more to that, some of these cheap routers don’t know what to do with the invites if the phone and the PBX are using 5060.

With Sangoma phones, what would be the setting to not accept these requests?

In EPM template, Options tab, Anonymous Call Rejection

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Thank you, Lorne!

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