Always originate from softphone?

Hi everyone.

Im a asterisk/freepbx newbie so please bare with me.

I have freepbx up and running with the ‘deviceandusers’ mode.
A Snom 320 phone and x-lite on my pc.

In our old avaya pbx we have a software called “Avaya phone manager” where we can dialout/take calls, view call history, get notify on incomming calls on our deskphone.

I want to achive some of that functionality with a softphone, if possible:
When i dial a number in x-lite i want that call to be originated to my snom phone who then dials out.
And if possible when i answer on x-lite, my snome phone would take the call.

What ive understood so far this can be solved by a custom dialplan and change context on those devices i want this functionality?

If im totaly out in the blue please correct me.

Any hints to where i can find more information regarding my issue is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.