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Alternatives to RMS

(Anthony C) #1

With the RMS beta ending soon, can anyone recommend a replacement service or tool? I have been trialling it on some of my servers for a couple of months and found it very useful on a few occasions - finding out about a server being down before the customer notices is really helpful.

I am looking for something simple to implement (like RMS) with an alert sent via email when something goes wrong - any ideas?


You could set up SNMP over a secure tunnel.


nagios… needs tcp access to the servers to check their status. might need to open up some firewall ports.

(Dave Burgess) #4

Nagios is my monitoring tool of choice, but instead of opening up a bunch of ports (if you are monitoring remotely), there are Nagios “encapsulators” like NRPE (IIRC) that can help you monitor a remote, firewalled network in a reasonably secure way.