Alternate IP address

I’m needing to add a second IP to my freePBX server and I’m not sure of the proper method. the documentation claims that there should be a way to do it through the admin panel but the button to add an interface doesn’t exist.

I attempted to add a subinterface directly in Linux. once I did that (created the network config file, reloaded the network) the subinterface showed up in the admin panel but phones wouldn’t connect to it.

this is a virtualized system. would it be better to add a new virtual interface instead of doing the sub interface?

nobody has a suggestion? surely someone’s done this before

In my experience if you’re using a VM for your PBX server it’s easier to add a new virtual interface instead of a sub interface. I’ve done it a few times (all VMs) and I’ve never had an issue using the interface once I’ve enabled it and configured the IP address with ifconfig.

i went ahead and added the second interface, and configured it through the freePBX administration page but the phone’s don’t seem to be getting their config correctly. it will get to the download config page and it fails to download the config. comes up with a skip option. I’ve changed the target IP’s in endpoint manager but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I’d have to know more about your setup to be more help to you. For my endpoints I had to manually add the MAC address of the phone under Extensions. Before doing that my phones weren’t able to download their config files. Once added though I could manage them in endpoint manager.

i think I figured it out. having to deal with some weird DHCP/VLAN issues that are unrelated to the phone system directly (primary scope is full…my OG 9133i phones don’t do VLAN tagging correctly so I can’t use the VLAN to get them over to a new scope) were getting in the way. set the test phone to a static IP, set all the rest of the settings manually correctly and it finally registered.