Alphanumeric entries in Phonebook module [solved]

I found impossible to insert alphanumeric entries in Phonebook module as distributed (either with or versions).
The reason for this is that I’m using Skype for Asterisk, and I’d like save Skype contacts as speed dial entries, as very few phones support dialling non-numeric “numbers”.
As an example, I’d like to save “9-echo123” to call Skype Test Service (9 is the Skype trunk access code), but when I try to submit it, I got an “Please enter a valid Number” error message.

To enable alphanumeric entries, you have to manually edit the file /var/www/html/admin/modules/phonebook/page.phonebook.php by changing the line:

        if (!isInteger(theForm.number.value))


        if (!isAlphanumeric(theForm.number.value))

Be careful that now you can insert letters also in regular PSTN entries.