Alpha Release Versions for Distro

Below is an outline of the Alpha Release Version for the FreePBX Distro using Asterisk 10 and Centos 6.2

[] 1.1004.210.62-1- Initial Public Beta of the Distro for with Asterisk 10 and Centos 6.2
] 1.1005.210.62-1- Upgrade to Asterisk 10.5.

Below is a list of upgrade scripts you can download and run to update your existing BETA system. You can not at this time go from the 1.18x.210.57 branch to this Beta branch.


You can check your current version by going to the sysadmin module or from the Linux CLI do a;

cat /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-version

All upgrades need to be installed in numeric ascending order.

I have been asked numerous times what is the logic with our version numbers. I decided to come up with a simple numbering system that at a glance tells you what the core pieces of the version is. In the example of 1.1002.210.57-1
1- This is just a simple number to start things with and at this time can be ignored.
1002- This is the Asterisk version 10.02
210- This is the FreePBX GUI version 2.10
57- This is the Centos version 5.7
1- The final -1 is just the minor release revision in this main version. Meaning Asterisk, Centos or FreePBX is not changing just maybe modules in FreePBX, RPM’s within Centos or patches to asterisk within that version number are changing. And now you know the method yo my madness!