Almost all modules showing "Enabled; Not available online"

At some point after a recent-ish update, all of our modules are showing “Enabled; Not available online” except for Framework and Sysadmin. This is happening to both of our servers on two different networks regardless of fail2ban status. I’ve tried rebooting them as well as command line stuffs (in no particular order)

curl #was successful
mysql> alter table module_xml CHANGE data data longblob; #force XML update
rm -rf /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/* #Clear cached packages
amportal a ma upgrade framework #also force-installed from GUI
amportal a ma upgrade sysadmin #also force-installed from GUI
amportal a ma upgradeall #seemed to upgrade a couple packages, but unsure
amportal a ma refreshsignatures #everything was fine
/var/lib/asterisk/bin/freepbx_setting MODULEADMIN_SKIP_CACHE 1 && amportal a ma upgrade framework && /var/lib/asterisk/bin/freepbx_setting MODULEADMIN_SKIP_CACHE 0 #hoping the fix from a while back would work

any other ideas?

Verify connectivity - we see this all the time when our customers IT nerds decide that the Asterisk doesn’t need to talk to the outside world and jack up the Firewalls to block outbound from the box.

The usual routing - ping, traceroute, and wget a file from the box and see what you get in - my guess is they are all failing.


Thanks Greg, but unfortunately not the issue. Quote from OP:

Additionally, as mentioned before, Framework & Sysadmin modules are working as they should. I was able to uninstall sysadmin and reinstall it without issue.

Just found this:

Almost identical situation to mine.

This is now resolved with the latest sysadmin

Thanks for your help Andrew!

Wget works fine and the sysadmin/framework modules download and update