Allowlist per inbound route

Hello All,

I have been experimenting with the module Allowlist, which works nicely.

Suppose I wanted different Allowlists per Incoming Route, is that possible at all?

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Not possible with allowlist without modification. But you could do this with dynamic routes where you maintain separate pinset lists of CIDs for each route. It would be a modification of this technique: Using Dynamic Routes & Pin Sets to Authenticate Caller


thanks for your kind reply.

Given that a PIN can be shared, I feel that this solution is less safe than one based on a CID list, but anyway the link you provided is very interesting.


With the technique that Lorne describes at the end of his post, the PIN set is a CID list. Depending on how many users you are dealing with that might be very workable. Really no more inconvenient that managing allowlists. Fortunately Iā€™d never heard of this technique or I might never have written the allowlist module :grin: