Allowlist module

Hello All,

I discovered today this module, and since I have some free time, I would like to see if it could be fit for a dedicated FreePBX VM with one trunk, with the following scope.

  • log CID numbers calling
  • if a number is not in Allowlist, terminate/hangup
  • if a number is in Allowlist, terminate/hangup, and open a door/gate.

The problem is that I would like to register the CID in the logs, if possible at all, but in any case don’t want FreePBX to answer, because that would be expensive for my users.

For the last feature, I have a networked relay that accepts a number of different instructions, Phyton, Javascript, HTTP Post etc, but this part I have yet to investigate.

Also, in the Allowlist module there is no place to enter what to do if a CID is in the list.
Maybe it’s a silly question, but can’t see where to go from there.

Thanks for your comments,

You config the inbound route with Allow List enabled. If the CID matches, it follows the destination for the inbound route.

Thanks Igaetz, I see.

About logging the CID, I see now that I can get that list from the Voip provider, in case.

I would expect inbound calls to be logged to the CDR even if you’re not answering them.

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