Allowlist module updates -- fixing several bugs and adding a few small features

I’ve created pull requests for fixing several allowlist bugs and adding a few small features.

  1. Allowlist grid is now sortable by both number and descrition. I have a request to include added date but that will require some reorganization of the database
  2. Add action icon to transfer a number to the blacklist – this was requested to help manager auto added numbers
  3. Fixed a backup and restore bug where none of the module settings were saved and only the last record of the allowlist was restored.
  4. Added support for pausing the allowlist from the GUI or by dialing a feature code.
  5. Removed old translation files leftover from blacklist
  6. Changed the feature codes to eliminate collision with the PMS module

Still to be done are fixing up the audio files – @lgaetz any thoughts on getting a ‘proper’ set of messages for the allowlist?

Hopefully I created the pull requests correctly.

Thanks for this update @mitchmitchell

Are the recordings only used for the feature code? What is the script currently in use?

Yes they are – I’ll have to pull together a list.

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