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I have a problem with the allowed lists. When it verifies that it is not on the list, the next instruction is to answer the call and take it to where it was redirected. Answering the call creates a serious problem for me, the call is made on several sim cards from different devices outside of freepbx. This causes the call to not be answered on the other devices. Is it possible to make the call not pick up and redirect to where it is programmed?

I can confirm, the dialplan for all non-allowed calls will answer the channel. This is not something that I had noticed until now, and is prob not desirable in most cases.

As a proof of concept, locate the file /var/www/html/admin/modules/allowlist/Allowlist.class.php

change this line from

$ext->add($id, $c, 'nonallowlisted', new \ext_answer(''));


$ext->add($id, $c, 'nonallowlisted', new \ext_noop(''));

save changes and apply config with fwconsole r. You will see tampered file dashboard warnings which you can ignore. Test to see if that resolves the issue for you.

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Very grateful, I spent more than 10 hours trying everything, I removed that line and many other things. Thank you very much for your help. Best regards

[FREEPBX-24162] Allowlist module will answer incoming channel if caller not allowed - Sangoma Issue Tracker

PR is here Log in - FreePBX GIT

Edit: fixed in allowlist versions 15.0.13 and 16.0.4

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