Allowing Txt messages to be passed through to cellphone through freepbx

Hey Guys,

    I thought this would be a great question. I have a DID number setup lets say 435-555-1234.  And lets say thats the number I'd like to give out to people so that I'm not having to get out my personal cell phone number out. Is it possible to have that setup so that if the system detects a txt msg being sent to it, that it will then pass that txt message to my cell phone. I figure its got to be possible, and if not a great feature it would be to have released in future versions of freepbx.  If you really sit and think about it, it would be a great feature to have with all kinds of reasons that it would useful and applicable. 

       Theres always a way!! 

  I'd be curios to get an expert's opinion on this, that has an open mind

A text message is a simple email. When someone sends you a text to your cellphone it has to d/l it from the net. Send a text message from your cell to your email addy, then reply to it… Its all done via smtp which freepbx, asterisk, etc is not setup to do.

A cell phone text message on almost all cell phones is done via that carriers SMS system, not e-mail, No smtp, pop, imap setup, etc. much simpler. But you are correct it is NOT done over the “phone line” but the background carrier system of the cell and it is NOT possible.