Allowing softphone to access phonebook

I have installed the phonebook module and I want to use that as a global database for all softphones so that there is a single reference point for internal SIP extensions.

My understanding is that phonebooks are sent as part of a XML data request that is done as part of the SIP initialisation.

Certainly Jitsi, the soft phone I’m using, has a contactlist server address with an option to login with SIP credentials.

So I’ve entered all of the right details, ensure that there are correct entries in the phonebook module, but I don’t see the phonebook data in my softphone client.

Before I start doing wireshark captures to see if my network requests are being made, has anyone had similar problems or knows a few settings I need to check first?

Thanks in advance, Ian

Hi Ian, i have the same problem.
What softphone are you using?

Do you know a free ( or not ) sw softphone for windows?.I found this 'VoipOperator’from, but i don’t know how to access in my phonebook of freepbx.

( Sorry for my encorrect english )

Help :frowning:

Thanks, Reiki.

Hi Reiki,

I haven’t really looked at this since raising the ticket so can’t offer any help on making it work. If you do get this working then I’d be glad to know how you did it.

Regarding softphones, we have standardised on Zoiper ( as that can be run on Windows, MacOS and Android. However other Windows free softphone clients I have used and do work with FreePBX are

Hope this helps.

Regards, Ian

Where did you get this notion from? I haven’t used it, but my understanding is that the Phonebook module is used to create a list of numbers that can be used for CID lookup on the server, or server-side speed dial entries.

My reading of SIP (admittedly on Wikipedia) was based on the following paragraph

“SIP has also found applications in messaging applications, such as instant messaging, and event subscription and notification. A suite of SIP-related Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) rules define behavior for such applications”

In the SIP reply from the server it lists capabilities. So my understanding was that as part of the capabilities a further SIP response with a location of a global phonebook.

Given that the idea of a server based phone system means that there should be a global address book that can be used by clients.

Sadly it appears that this concept doesn’t exist in asterisk. I have a global address book which is never used either by hardware phones or softphones - hence why I opened this ticket in the first place.

Sadly it appears that the FreePBX community also have no idea how this is supposed to work so I can only conclude that such a thing is not possible.

So the “global phonebook” module appears to be a complete and utter waste of time - unless someone who knows freePBX far better then me can provide an answer.

Your question is very interesting… amazingly, we have yet to see a solution handling a unified Asterisk Phonebook. The strongest features in this regard are claimed to be shown by a product known as aptus fonb. Check here at

As per them, they are going to bring us contacts from gmail, asterisk and from one of the well known crm to all ip phones registered with asterisk. I am not sure if it’s going to be happen or not but if it does, it will be a great thing, for sure…

Interesting that maxb claims not to be part of this new product but in other post and your linkenin profile it says you are a owner. I really hate trolls.

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I didn’t claim NOT to be the part of product :frowning: