Allowing Remote Recording of a "Weather Message"

I’m very new to the Free PBX world and have been asked by management to setup a way they can record a message for employees to call into to find out if the office has been closed.

Going through my PBX I see that we can use Feature Code to record a message or the Announcement option.

I’m not sure what the best way to accomplish this would be and searching hasn’t really helped. Thank you in advance!

Create the feature system recording with feature code. Take an inbound route and point it to an IVR that uses the above created system for the announcement. Now for your IVR selections (these are not mentioned in your recording). Point that selection to the feature code administration for that recording.

Use a fairly short timeout for the IVR and point the timeout destination to terminate call.

Use a 4 or 5 digit number as the IVR selection code, that should prevent it from it being dialed by accident.

So now, you dial the number, while the announcement is playing, punch in the selection code. You will then get the recording prompts just as if you had dialed them locally.


Can you explain this to me like I’m 5 please?

Point that selection to the feature code administration for that recording.

I don’t see how I can point the IVR to a Feature Code?

Doesn’t the dropdown box have “Feature Code Administration”?


Not that I see, the options are:

Day/Night Mode
Phonebook Directory
Ring Groups
Terminate Call
Time Conditions

What Version of Freepbx are you using? And, have you already created the recording and enabled its feature code?


You could also create a DISA as a hidden option on an IVR, that will give you a system dialtone from outside. Then dial the * code for editing your recording.


Looks like they have version 2.8.1 installed. I’m new to doing anything with the phone system so I’m not sure what the latest version is.

So if I created a DISA and gave my boss the code to do it and had him type in the Feature Code to record a recording that would work?

How would callers hear it?

Create an announcement point an inbound route to it, or use it exactly like I described earlier, but instead of pointing to the “Feature Cod Admin” point to DISA.


I think I got it now, just waiting for my boss to record his message so I can test everything.

Thank you for the help!

I understand…big meeting upstairs in the Mayor’s office to determine response to impending ice storm!


LOL, I wish it was something that important. They send emails, I think they are just testing me to see if I could figure this out!! I’ll give you props at our next staff meeting for your help!

Employees wore it out last night, and another possibility of Winter Weather tonight. I know Tony and some of the folks in the northern climes are amused, but an inch of snow or 1/2 inch of ice is big news here in the deep south!