Allowing Extension dialing during ring

I’m new to FreePBX after being a long time SwitchVox user.

In SwitchVox, there was an option to allow a caller to dial an extension or menu item during a ring of an extension. I used to use this to allow a caller to perform a function while a line was ringing.

How does one do this in FreePBX? I see no such feature or way of doing this or am I missing it somewhere?

There is the VmX Locator thing but it isn’t quite the same.

I solved this by using a queue. The queue allows one to play a ringing tone and no announcements etc. as well as providing a way to select an IVR to allow one to break-out of the queue by pressing “1” for example (the IVR needs to have these defined in them).

I have the required extensions statically logged into the queue.

Seems to work for my purposes.