Allowing a user access to only certain call recordings?

I have FreePBX set up in our office and recently enabled call recording on all inbound and outbound calls. Primarily we need to monitor tech support calls, but I found it reasonable to enable recording on every route and call group because who knows when somebody is going to fly off the handle.

I need to give the tech support manager access to the call recordings coming into the tech support call group, as well as calls originating from the extensions the techs use. I just don’t want to give him access to ALL call recordings because there are plenty of other calls going on that may be about somewhat private matters that are none of his business.

Is there any way to accomplish this?


I recently came across this: Have a look at Crystal CRI. It allows you to setup logins that have assigned groups of extensions to them and then that login can see all recorded calls for only specific extensions or groups of extensions. Looks like it will do what you want.