Allow receptionist to easily change destination of IVR option

First part:
I have a night time IVR that works great. I want the caller to be able to press 1 and have them forwarded to the cell phone of the person that is on call.

I have the first part working.

Second part:
I need for the receptionist to be able to change the number of the person on call. (It doesn’t have to be a toggle button.)

I would normally create a toggle and/or a schedule and let the receptionist press a button to toggle between the two destinations, but we have more than three people on call and the no schedule for who is on call.


Set up an admin account for her and give her access to the “Miscellaneous Destination” option only.

Set up a Misc Dest called “on-call cell” and have her change the destination phone number for the destination.

Failing that, you could write a program that does the same thing (using a pull-down list, for example) that she can access to pick from one of the choice available.

If you aren’t comfortable with these options, I’d recommend a Commercial Support call.

Create a dedicated Extension for the on-call destination. Enable Follow-me, and then add the DID(s) of any on-call people. Then grant users access to this extension in User Manager so anyone with permission can adjust the Follow-Me details in UCP.

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