Allow known incoming call to use outbound trunk


I would need you help on the configuration to allow someone from outside to use my PBX resources.

It’s easy to configure IVR to handle incoming call from (for example) [email protected], Lina can press the extension and IVR forward her to the correspond destination.
But, how can I allow lina to press 9 and then she can make an outgoing call through my SIP trunk service?

Take a look at DISA. Sounds like it’s probably tailor made for your application.

Thanks Dave, DISA is what I looking for.
Now I’m searching for more information about the security.

For testing purpose, I have created a custom trunk + inbound route for any DID and specific CID forwarded to the DISA, it is working great!
I wonder is this scenario safe for a FreePBX that allows guest sip url dial in, which mean the port of 5060 & 5160 are faced to the world.

DASA PIN is not a good choice if link up with branches handle by another group of people.
Basically I need to be dominant and provide them the steps of connection as simple as possible.

I understand what you’re saying, but making the connectivity too simple is going to hurt you. You need to control who gets in and who gets out.

Now, in support of that, you can establish as many DISA “sessions” as you want and divide them amongst as many people/groups as you care to. In other words, do not be afraid to have more than one DISA line, especially if you are setting up more than one person to call is.