Allow conference call to continue after the admin leaves?

My users are requesting the ability for our conferences to continue after the admin user leaves the conversation. My research indicates that changing the end_marked value in confbridge.conf, and that wait_marked and end_marked are currently tied together in FreePBX.

. Since we can’t edit that or confbridge_additional.conf, it looks like we’re left with modifying confbridge_custom.conf.

I tried adding
end_marked = no

end_marked = yes
to confbridge_custom.conf, but the calls are still terminating after the admin leaves.

We certainly don’t want to turn off Leader Wait so we don’t open the system up to fraud, but want to allow bridges to continue after the leader leaves. Ideally on a per-bridge basis.

I have not tested this so I can’t confirm the issue. That said it seems you have done the general debugging. I would recommend opening a ticket at so it can get on the developers radar. Many of us peek our heads in here and help out but all work is assigned and done from the issue tracker.

Thanks for using FreePBX

Thanks James - I’ve submitted an issue to the tracker. I wasn’t sure if it needed to be addressed specifically in code change, or if a config file could fix it.