Allow client (phones) connection to PBX from one IP address only

Hello all and Merry Christmas

I have a FreePbx installed downloaded the latest version a few days ago and have updated every module installed, etc…). This is running on a VM in our server in data center (i.e. it is public facing). Everyone from our office connects to it just fine.

Can I configure it such that only clients (phone, softphone, etc…) from our office IP address can connect to Freepbx?

Everyone in our office will obviously appear to be connecting from one IP address (our office public IP address) so people from other places cannot connect their phone to the PBX even if they have the right username and password?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Is your server in dmz or is there firewall? You most likely need to configure nat
and setup local ip address and external.

just set up a couple of rules in iptables to only allow traffic to/from the ip addresses you want. no need for any extra firewalls, routers, nat… really simple. give it a try


Many thanks for the suggestions. I think for now changing iptables will suffice.

Have a lovely new year