Allow certain FreePBX config changes by unprivileged users, how?

Is there a way to give an unprivileged or minimally-privileged user access to certain FreePBX configuration objects but not others?

Under certain circumstances, as during an event of some kind, if a caller dials, say, extension 400, he should get an IVR recording and some selection options to redirect his call. Under other conditions, he should just get a recording saying there is no event underway, then the call either terminates or sends the caller to some voicemail box.

Switching between these conditions needs to be done by somebody other than the PBX system administrator, i.e. the person in charge of the event, whoever he/she might be, needs to be able to go in there and switch extension 400 between the IVR/selection options and the recorded message/voicemail.

Also, I need to be able to allow unprivileged / minimally-privileged users to change IVR message recordings, including creating new ones. It would be ideal if I could give minimally-privileged users access to FreePBX Admin->System Recordings without giving them access to anything else.

Any ideas on how any of this can be done within FreePBX? If it can’t be done within FreePBX, how can it be done by lower-level Asterisk programming?

Currently using FreePBX / Asterisk 1.8.15.



Look at the administratirs module. And if you just need to change a recording, there’s the option on the system recording tab to link the recording to a feature code.

Thanks, Bill. With your advice I discovered I can do what I need (for now at least) by allowing message changes via the feature code, and don’t need to give anyone access to any admin stuff.