Allow call routing to 2nd trunk trough IVR, with specific dial string

Hi there,

We have multiple trunks on our freepbx system. One of these trunks is configured with dial pattern “9.”.

The trunk is connected to a videoconferencing system, which generates random meeting numbers. For example, one of the users creates a new meeting, and the room number is 567. Now when I pick up a internal phone, and dial 9567, the string [email protected] is beeing routed to the conferencing system (because of the dial pattern “9.” to that trunk), the system picks this up (including the 9 which is important) and i’m connected to the meeting.

How can I create / configure the possibility for a external (public) caller, to dial into my freepbx, enter 567 (the room number), and have the pbx system add a 9 in front of it and forward to the the videoconferencing PBX? I have tried to create a IVR and “Enable Direct Dial”, but when I’m in the IVR and I press 9 I immediatly receive the message “I am sorry that is not a valid Extension”.

I hope i’m beeing clear enough on this, let me know if you have any questions!