Allow access to recordings of queue


I have FreePBX running with Asterisk 16.9.0.

We are currently implementing a hotline which I implemented as a queue. All calls should get recorded. Works fine so far, even manually stopping the recording. Now, the project manager want access to these recording. I find hints on giving the user account access to the recordings in the UCP, but in the user manager I can only assign extensions but I need to give access to the queue recordings.

Maybe that’s no such big problem as I still could assign permissions to access the recordings for all the extensions that are members of the queue. Currently, that’s our only usecase for call recordings. But I want to avoid having people with access to recordings they are not supposed to have e.g. the queue members record calls not related to the queue. It’s simply no clean solution.

Is there any solution to this without “just create seperate extensions for queue agents and their regular calls”?


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