Allow 10 11 12 digit Outbound Route

My outbound route look like this
()+ |[08XXXXXXXX./]

Meaning if someone call
-start with 08 and total digit 10 or more then allow
-(start with +628 then replace +628 with 08) and total digit 10 or more then allow.

Basically, I’ll allow people calling with total digit 10 or 11 or 12.
The problem is when people calling 12 digit number its ok, but not with 11 digit number.
With 11 digit it said “The number you have dialed is not in service”

How to fix that

Outbound route above should be like this
()+ |[08XXXXXXXX./]


You mixed up the prefix and prepend fields. Prepend adds digits, prefix subtracts digits.

Thank you for your respond.
Actually I got what I want by mixing prepend and prefix.
Which is replacing +628 with 08, but unfortunately only work with 12 digit.
If that way wrong what is the correct way to do that for 10,11,12 digit

got it working
has dot after Z and total digit between 0-Z=10