Allocate fxo port to a user

hi hope anyone can help on this.

i have a grandstream fxo with 8-port and 8 analog lines, i would like to allocate a certain port/tel. line to a specific user. e.g.

user 100 will use port 1 with phone number 7654321
user 200 will use port 2 with phone number 7654322
user 300 will use port 3 with phone number 7654323

and so on…

no problem on inbound, my main issue is outbound, when i send the call to FXO, it will randomly us any number, i cannot make user 100 to call out using port 1 always or user 200 to use port 2 etc etc. i’ve asked grandstream they said it’s not possible to do.

guess my question is, would you know of any other fxo port that can do this? would an fxo card work, can i assign a specific zap channel to a specific user for outbound calls?


you can route a specific user to a specific fxo port when using an analog card on 2.7+ by taking advantage of CID based outbound routing, or there are third party modules that can also help with this.