All phones can ring out, only one can receive incoming calls

I have 4 identically configured grandstream 2000 phones. But every time I ring only one will ring or if it is offline it will go straight to that ones voicemail. I have tried every setting in ring groups, queues, and on the phones. I know it is probably a simple fix but none I have found have worked, any guidence?


It would be helpful to know what version of FreePBX and Asterisk you have installed. Also was it a distro install or build by hand (i.e. tarball). What do you have configured for your inbound route and ring groups.

Ii would seem that all your phones are using the same registration port (by default 5060) and the same IP address.

You don’t expalin where the pnones are network(nat)wise

Don’t do that, each sip connection ip:port needs to be unique or it just won’t work . . .