All outgoing calls going out the wrong route

I am having issues with freepbx not sending calls out an outbound route, it keeps going to the other number, i have one nunber for my family and another for my businesses, but whenever family makes an outgoing call it goes out the business line

Any logs could prove or disprove that.

Just a guess,

As I understood from your post you have 2 outbound routes- one goes to your business line and the other one is for your family use.

Did you defined which extensions should be allowed to go with what outbound route?
You can define it on your outbound route->dial patterns->caller id.

If on both outbound routes you will not define the restrictions for specific extension it means that both lines are open to everybody, and all calls will go to the first outbound routes in the list.

If its not the case, please share logs and even screenshots.