All outbound calls fail after yum update and module updates - Call Failed 488 - Not Acceptable Here

Just did the following updates and receiving “
Call Failed 488 - Not Acceptable Here”.

No log entries being generated why I try to make a call.

When I look in the Asterisk CLI all I get is " == Setting global variable ‘SIPDOMAIN’ to ‘’"

Anyone else in the same boat?

backup (current: 14.0.3)
callforward (current:
callrecording (current:
core (current:
cos (current:
customappsreg (current:
daynight 14.0.1 (current: 13.0.14)
digium_phones (current:
directory (current:
extensionroutes (current:
findmefollow (current:
framework (current:
iaxsettings (current: 14.0.1)
ivr (current:
paging (current:
pagingpro (current:
parking (current:
parkpro (current:
pm2 (current:
queues (current:
recordings (current:
restapps (current:
sangomacrm (current:
sipsettings (current:
sipstation (current:
superfecta (current:
sysadmin (current:
timeconditions (current:
ttsengines (current:
ucp (current:
userman (current:
vmnotify (current:
voicemail (current:
vqplus (current:
webrtc (current:
xmpp (current:

I think this is due to media encryption settings for the extension not matching the settings on the phone. Edit the extension you are dialing from, Advanced tab and disable “Media Encryption” or enable “Allow Non-Encrypted Media”.

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Thanks @lgaetz for the prompt response.

That was really strange. The yum updates and module updates somehow changed all my pjsip extensions’ “media encryption” setting from SRTP to auto.

I definitely had SRTP explicitly set for all of them prior to the updates.

All good now.

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