All of a sudden choppy voice (behind untangle)

Everything was working fine. Haven’t touched untangle or the system for weeks/months.

Now, calls are extremely choppy whether dialing out or receiving.

If I remove the untangle box, everything works like it should.

Anyone else experience this?

Did untangle update or do something to itself in the past week to mess up my PBX?

Where should I start to look?

How can anyone possibly help you? You have provided no information about your system.

What is “untangle box”?

What version of FreePBX, Asterisk? Built by hand or distro install.

Untangle is a all purpose web appliance. Firewall/content filter/VPN etc.

I have only used the content filter.

Have you checked the basics on the untangle such as port usage, errors on the interface that would indicate a bad NIC, switchport or cable?

Is the untangle in layer 2 or layer 3 mode?

As Alan said, we need much more info and are not Untangle experts.

The cables, nics, etc… seem to be fine. I ended up reverting to my pfsense firewall instead and it’s working. I may just leave at that or set up a seperate system through untangle later on to troubleshoot it. I am guessing untangle automatically updated itself and caused something to go wrong, since the rest of the network seemed fine.

You should be able to get it working with untangle.

Be sure that you don’t filter the traffic with untangle.
Create a bypass rule and then a QoS rule that preorities traffic to the pbx.

//WebFooL Untangle evangelist