All menus missing after today's updates

After I updated this morning, all of the menus on the Admin page are missing - anyone know how I can fix it? :slight_smile:

Can you be specific as to what/how you updated

Yes, Here’s what was updated -

UPDATE NOTICE: There are 42 modules available for online upgrades
setcid (current:
pinsets (current:
dictate (current:
phonebook (current:
findmefollow (current:
sysadmin (current:
voicemail (current:
infoservices (current:
campon (current:
recordings (current:
fw_ari (current:
queues (current:
customappsreg (current:
manager (current:
callrecording (current:
iaxsettings (current:
restart (current:
timeconditions (current:
daynight (current:
featurecodeadmin (current:
disa (current:
callforward 2.11.5 (current: 2.11.2)
fax (current:
paging (current:
ivr (current:
bulkextensions (current:
callwaiting (current:
weakpasswords (current:
sipsettings (current:
queueprio (current:
directory (current:
outroutemsg (current:
miscdests (current:
parking (current:
speeddial (current:
ringgroups (current:
cidlookup (current:
vmblast (current:
donotdisturb (current:
printextensions (current:
callback (current:
conferences (current:

can you try “amportal chown” then refresh

system mssg -

Please wait…

chattr: Operation not supported while reading flags on /var/www/html/provisioning
Permissions OK

refreshed, no change

update to the original symptom - after the updates, the menus are missing in Chrome - everything works fine and the menus are present in IE. Whatever changed is only broken for me in Chrome.

updated Java to latest and this fixed the menu issue in chrome.

If java is causing an issue, you may want to take a look at what extensions you have loaded into Chrome as that wouldn’t be a FreePBX issue.

I’ll make sure to have a good look.