All inbound routes need to be forwarded after 15sec

Dear all,

I have like 100 inbound routes pointed on different extensions.
I want after 15sec all redirect to a specific extension. Any bulk edit or custom destination idea? :slight_smile:

Start with a dump of the extensions through the Bulk Handler.

Before you do the dump, pick an extension and set the FMFM timeout to 15 seconds and the FMFM destination to wherever you want the calls to go. Dump that to the BH CSV file, and then use OpenOffice Calc or Excel to duplicate those settings to all of the other extensions.

Save the CSV file and Bulk Load it back into the server. “Apply Config” and you should be good to go.


Dear @cynjut thanks for reply!

i wanted to be only for the external calls but if there is no way the FMFM is find also i guess !

The problem is the “All Inbound Routes” part. You can assuredly set up individual controls for each inbound route, but managing the destinations would be a challenge. Once the call is transferred to the extension, there’s no really excellent way to identify if the call is internal or external.

I’m not sure how to be clear on this, but the phone not answering after 15 seconds is a function of the extension. Once the time-out is passed, you have the opportunity to pass control of the call to another destination, but that’s a function of the call timing out, not what the source was.

In other words, I can’t think of a way to let the phone ring for 15 seconds and then either keep ringing or transfer to another destination based on the source of the call. I’m pretty sure you are going to have to transfer the call to another location at the 15 second point, the question is where.

One nice advantage of using FMFM is it’s ultimately under the control of the phone’s user. They can turn FMFM on and off at the phone, thereby giving the recipients control of the call at a pretty granular level.

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