"All Circuits Busy..." received at a single extension dialing a specific number

Hi everyone,

I’m new and this is my first post. I looked long and hard before I posted this so bare with me if I’m repeating something (just point me in the right direction.)

Here’s the deal:

My setup has several extensions: 101, 102, 103 and 104.

Yesterday, I was unable to call a specific number (418849xxxx) from extension 101. I would get an “all circuits busy” notification from the PBX. I could call any number of other 418 numbers and get through.

So I looked at the Asterisk logfiles and see that when I dial that problematic number the trunk returns a congestion message, but when I dial any other 418 number the same trunk connects without issue.

As a result I contacted my provider. They were somewhat stumped as well. I sent them the logs and all.

At some point I was in another office and needed to call that number. Hoping the problem was resolved I dialed from that phone (extension 103) and it worked. So went back to my office and tried again but received the “all circuits busy” notice.

To test things, I quickly reconfigured the handsets in each office. I have myself extension 103 (instead of 101) and turned the other office phone into 101. Wouldn’t you know it I could dial the number and the office that worked now received “all circuits busy.”

So in the end it seems as if extension 101 can’t dial that single number, it has no trouble with anything else in other area codes, locally, or even internationally, but changing the extension number fixed the issue.

I took a long look at the setup of the extension and nothing is different from any others. So I’m really puzzled here.

Any input would be appreciated.

sounds very odd - you would really need to provide more data and likely turn on SIP debugging (assuming that the ‘provider’ is a SIP trunk, which you should indicate details). However, here is a wild guess. Check the trunk in question, and make sure that the trunk has a default CID set and if not, set it. Make it simple, just put you 10 digit default CID, no angle brackets or quotes around it. Then try from extension 101.