"All circuits busy"/Outbound routes changed order on their own

just wanted to share. My system randomly changed the route order. If you get this “All circuits busy” check your Outbound route trunk sequence.


However, it is a little concerning that some configuration has changed on its own.

How do you know they changed on their own?

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because I did not do anything. Suddenly the phones werent working.

It is not possible, if anything has changed, it has happened. Are your exit lines working? This can occur if trunks are not available for dialing.

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100% you changed something. Because if you had not, then nothing can possibly cause the Asterisk dialplan to be rewritten by FreePBX and the reloaded by Asterisk.

ok. update! I just received noticed from the hosting company, that my server has a large volume of traffic from the Netherlands! omg.

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