All circuits are busy on internal calls

I’ve been trying out a new install and tried the following: call from extension 1 to extension 2 and add extension 3 to that call (so a three way call). This results in a prompt saying “all circuits are busy”. I know this error from using a prepaid trunk without credit, but it only NOT works with internal extensions, it does with external numbers. Also when extension 1 calls extension 2, extension 3 is still able to call extension 2 and prompts an incoming call.


How do you try and add the call (hook flash and number, DTMF feature code, or SIP native enquiry)? From which extension do you try and add it? Does it fail when you do the enquiry or when you try to merge the call into the conference?

At least for SIP native operations, the initial enquiry looks like a second call from the device, and if you have configured a limit beyond which the device is considered busy, you could well get a busy or congestion indication.

It might be the last thing. Haven’t configured or set anything this, at least not that I know of. What setting is this so I can first try this?

Setting “Max audio streams” to 2 for each extension solved the issue.

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