All circuits are busy now - Internal to External DID issue

Hello everyone,

I am stuck in a weird issue. I configured all of my phone numbers properly and all of them work fine. However, when I dial a DID (my own DID from one of the office numbers) from my extension, I get All Circuits Are Busy Now message. However, if I dial the same DID number from my cell phone, it works fine. This happens only to a few DID’s. Trunks and dial plans are properly configured due to which I can say I am able to dial and receive calls from all other phones. It’s only with internal extension dialing internal DID number. Also, extension to extension works fine. Any help is highly appreciated.

First of all you should check outgoing routes in order to verified if the dialed pattern match with the configured pattern.

If I want to ‘hairpin’ calls to DID’s I own , I create a loopback trunk and route those calls to that trunk, that way I save money and get to debug the calls easier.


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