All calls recorded playing beep at interval


My boss wants me to enable all calls be recorded automatically. Which is easy enough, but I pointed out a few of the privacy laws and such. After a discussion with our lawyer they have come to the conclusion that play a “beep” a set intervals is enough to cover our self.

So I now need to figure out how to actually do that. I’ve gone through and read

I see example 3 shows me what to do, but doesn’t say where to put it. All the extensions in that need to be recorded on ever call have been set (only 10 of them). I just have to figure out how to make this beep play every 15 seconds during a outbound external call.

Any one know where I should be editing? Thanks.


I have it partly figured out.

in the extensions_additional.conf I added to the DIAL_OPTIONS global and in the globals table of mysql. i added to the tr the “L(36000000:36000000:15000)”

and then also added “LIMIT_WARNING_FILE=beep” to the globals as well. this has only done part of it. when i call out i can hear the beep but the other party can’t.

Though I would prefer to do this on a per extension basis as those who aren’t recorded shouldn’t have to hear the tone, and i think this will affect the ATA box on the fax machine too.

OK, you can’t edit extensions_additional.conf Add these settings in the files with custom in the file name.

In extensions override you can add extension level settings, see “FreePBX files” in the wiki for syntax.

Lastly Asterisk dial settings are exposed in the system general settings page of FreePBX.

If you would like this considered as a feature candidate you can open a trac ticket at

I must be looking at the wrong wiki or something cause I can’t find the section on “FreePBX files”.

Ya i would not have been about to find that page. I am still not sure where there is a direct link to that support doc section of the site.

edit----- never mind. I just took a stab int he dark and found my answers.

Please forgive me for asking so many questions, it’s just this is the first asterisk server I’ve ever had to manage and thank you for the help.