All calls going to failover destination

Hi, we ran some updates on our distro server to bring FreePBX up to the latest 10.13.66-22 version, however are now having some queue issues.

We have a number of queues, all which have a “rescue” queue set as the Fail Over Destination. We are finding that since the update all incoming calls go to that failover destination. I tried setting one of the queues to point to another queue but then it just loops and fails.

We had this exact issue last time we installed updates but unfortunately don’t have a documented fix (we changed some timeout settings and restarted the server, but I am not sure if anything specifically resolved the issue.) We have a number of agents signed in on all of the queues so can;t see why anything should be going to the failover destination.

Has anybody experienced the issue, or does anybody have any idea why this may be happening? Thanks for any help!

Logs would help you see what is happening and help those here assist you more efficiently.

Thank for the link, I will take a look at those now.

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