All calls go to voicemail & firewall crashing

If we call internally from extension to extension it goes directly to voicemail on all extensions or if an outside call comes into an extension, it also goes directly to voicemail.
So I went to the Firewall module & when I click Re-Run I get this error:

And then when I go back to the Firewall page, it’s as if the Firewall has been reset & it walks me through the wizard to reset everything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First step would be to try “fwconsole chown” from the console prompt (ssh or keyboard and screen).

Thx for the reply. I was able to fix the extension’s by rebooting the switch, which rebooted all of the phones. But I’m still having the Firewall re-test issue. I ran “fwconsole chown” from the console, it said “finished setting permissions”, but I’m still getting the error & having to re-setup the firewall.

Which version of firewall are you using?
Is your PBX up to date?

Yes, everything is up-to-date.
PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-22
Module Admin & System Admin shows no available update.

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