All calls ending at 32 seconds after module upgrade

Good day all,

I’m having an issue whenever i do a full module upgrade using either the GUI or fwconsole ma upgradeall.
All calls end at 32 seconds without any errors or warnings.

This is a major deal breaker at the moment for me as we are processing hundreds of calls daily.
Previously I had to rebuild the system from scratch to recover from this issue, now I have to keep reverting to snapshots, this results in lost usage data.
I’m using a couple commercial modules (system builder and call center pack i believe)

This is almost always a router failure. Search the forum for “32 seconds” and see if you can find the discussion we had last week about it.

I have seen this happen when the external address changes and the SIP settings are to a different IP address.

This also occurs when calling between extension on the same LAN segment.

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