All Caller IDs Messed Up

Hi all

FreePBX 10.13.66-8 / Asterisk 13.7.2

I’m experiencing a problem all of a sudden when no caller ID is displaying correctly, even internal ones.

All inbound caller IDs used to get prefixed by the IVR and display as “option pressed - CID”. Now I just get the option pressed and no caller ID.

Even stranger, the internal devices all show the caller ID of one of the devices. It doesn’t matter which extension I call from and to, it always says that one of the extensions is calling, even if that particular extension is offline.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve removed the extension that kept displaying and re added it under a different number. I no longer get that extensions name but the caller ID literally shows as “Caller ID” and the call shows as coming from the number of the now non existent extension.

Can you post a call trace