Algo 8028 SIP Doorphone with BLF Locked and Unlocked

I would really like to be able to have a visual indicator of the locked / unlocked status of my Algo 8028 Doorphone. I currently have a speed dial set to latch open the door and another speed dial set to latch closed or unlatch the door lock. It would be great if the Latch open speed dial button could light when it is unlocked. And likewise, the unlatched speed dial button could light when the door is locked.

Thanks for the help,

If you add some custom code to your dialed context, you should be able to add a hint which you can they query and assign to a BLF.

For instance, if you have a toggle (a single button that turns the locks on and off) you can set up the context to toggle a hint on or off and query that hint in your BLF.

If you have two buttons (one locks open, one locks closed) you can set up hints for each that turn on your BLF from a hint for each.

Thank you for the response. I am using 2 buttons currently so I would need to set up hints for each of them. Do you know some good instructions that I can follow for creating the custom context code? I have not done this at all and will need help.


Look at the contexts for day-night mode. I don’t have the actual context name right now, but the code that turns the BLFs on for day/night are a good start for you.