Alerts ringtones still not working

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This post helped me get paging working (auto answer) on a bunch of D65 phones with the Sangoma SNG7 ISO. What I would like to know is, why the extra \ is required between the URL and the info line?

On my PBX it showed the alert like this in logs:;info=ring-answer

However, this was what worked in the DPMA module:\;info=ring-answer


Because the “;” is a reserved character and placing a “\” in front of it “escapes” its purpose tells the system to ignore the character’s system meaning and just pass it as text.

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Thanks for the explanation!

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check the default settings bar on your device, you can use ringtones at some reputable ringtone supply addresses to change such as zedge, … see if the same error exists.

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Why is this even still broken? It’s almost like sangoma doesn’t even care about these phones anymore unless you are using switchvox and it’s pretty ridiculous. I had to do a few freepbx 13 and 14 to 15 migrations and am seeing this is broken still and still have to do the same work around. Even using EPM it doesn’t work correctly, so I ended up just sticking with the digium phones module.

One other thing that is a huge issue for me is the fact that EPM is now supposed to be the “replacement” for the digium phones module but it falls short of being anything of a replacement. I can’t just make everyones phones work totally different than they used to, make them lose the contacts they had previously, and force them to now relearn how to do everything all over. Park doesn’t work the same, there are no statuses, and everything that was provided by the digium phones module isn’t even there. Why even have the “use dpma” button in EPM if it doesn’t provide anything? I asked @tm1000 in my fix post about the future of EPM and what will be available for the digium phones previously and never received a response, I guess this is the future of using digium phones with EPM.