Alerts and Ringtones with EPM


Have been using Digium Phone Module forever to configure digium phone and have recently switched to using EPM with DPMA to configure my digium phones.

Overall I see the value in this but there are some things that are causing headaches. Specifically how do I set alerts to trigger distinctive ring tones on phones through EPM? Is this only possible by editing the basefile for the phones?

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Have you already tried below ?

If yes and you think further improvement is needed then please raise feature request.

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that link goes to a blank page

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Ok, so I’m going to need to upgrade EMP then? currently using EPM with DPMA, EPM Ver


also, does this require the licensed EPM? Sangoma phones are supposed to be supported without the EPM Commercial license.

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That’s not completely accurate. You get commercial EPM for free if you have Sangoma or Digium phones.


well how exactly does that work?

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Contact Sangoma, but for the most part, when you buy Sangoma or Digium phones, you get commercial EPM for free. Everyone else has to pay for EPM, and if you have any other phones that you want to use EPM with, you may need to license it for those phones.

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