(ALERTINFO=Alert-Info: answer) not working on D70

I started a thread in the General support area regarding Intercom and ringing, but I am talking to myself over there and I found that it is not at all related to intercom anyway. It’s related to the phones, I believe.

Changing the ALERT_INFO from ring-answer to answer, the phones no longer auto answer. They ring normally. I have tried Answer and answer and I have viewed the ring types wiki.

Am I missing something, or do I need to make additional edits for this to work properly?

D70 with Firmware
Asterisk 1.8-certified

Thank you.

The phone doesn’t have any built-in alert info strings to which it responds. All of the alert infos have to be defined. If you’re using DPMA, then we auto-define some alert infos for you (normal, ring-answer, visual, intercom). Otherwise, whatever you’re doing for configuration needs to push the alert infos to the phone that you want the phone to act on.

Oh man, that makes perfect sense. I am using DPMA and was getting the ring types from the wiki here https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/DIGIUM/Ringing+Types+and+Intercom which made me believe that “answer” was one of the strings DPMA added and that was where I was focusing my attention and frustration.

Adding my own alert in DPMA solved the problem in two seconds. Where is this stuff documented because I am having a hard time finding it.


All docs are on the wiki. I believe we removed the specific bits about which alerts are auto-loaded by DPMA once we added the configurable alerts capability, since people should really be using that instead.