Alert Info settings

I am trying to make calls that come from a ring group make distinctive rings on our phones. We have a mix of Aastra and Digium. I see there is a field called “alert info” but I’m unsure of what I an put in there to give the phones a distinct ring? Is there a list of commands somewhere? Does it vary by phone?

There used to be, but The James deleted the list that I created in the Wiki in the name of uniformity. Here’s the old page showing the list…

And yes, it does vary by phone. Some phones, such as the Aastra phones, support them without any changes, while others, like Polycom, required that you configure them to support any distinctive rings. I don’t know about the Digium phones…

You can still buy freepbx 2.5 books on amazon and find trixbox documentation. Outdated unmaintained information no matter how much time was spent on it is not necessarily useful. I spent 2 months taking the wiki from randomness full of things like
《Insert 2.9 screenshot here》 and irrelevant unsupported information to make it more manageable and uniform. I understand you are attached to your efforts. I an going to spend another month or 2 updating all of the wikids to reflect 13 as all 122 or so official modules will have at minimum as the tic changes. The wiki is not meant to be a static book, it is meant to evolve.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I don’t get updated when people reply to my posts.

The problem, James, is that you’ve removed a ton of information that is not outdated. The Alert-Info settings, for example, used by many phones remains the same even today. But, you apparently removed it from the Wiki sometime before 2014. And that’s not all. You’ve taken out a ton of information that is still relevant today. That’s why I don’t bother to update the wiki anymore. There’s no point.

Now, you also point out that there have been changes to FreePBX since version 2.9. But, you’ve approached the problem from the wrong angle. The solution isn’t to delete useful information that might be slightly different now that the UI has been changed. Rather, the solution is for you to work with the devs and help them to understand why they should NOT make changes to the UI unless it is really necessary, because doing so requires a re-write of the documentation. Unfortunately, it seems that, since 2.9, a lot of time has been spent writing and then re-writing the code just to change the UI, instead of focusing on adding new features. That’s too bad, because the UI in version 2.9 worked fine.

And your approach, which is to simply delete the information altogether simply because it might be slightly outdated, means, that a lot of useful information that people could easily make work on the new UI has been lost. I see a lot of feature requests and postings, like this one, for features that already exist and which were once documented. For a while, I would link to the old Wiki version, like I did here, but eventually I just gave up…