Alert Info not working on SGN7 ring group

Hi all,

I am a noob to the community and I have come across some issues with both the new version and a new installation of FreePBX which for the life of me I cannot understand / change its behaviour. The issue is that if I set an incoming route to a ring group the person ringing hears a single long ringing tone instead of a ring-ring tone very similar to the difference between the ringing tone US and the UK, if however the call is routed directly to an extension it behaves in the normal ring-ring UK type pattern. I must be missing something as my original install which I have upgraded to FreePBX does not do this but instead rings as per a UK tone e.g. ring-ring pause ring-ring pause etc.

The other thing I found was that on the newer version SGN7 I think it is called I could not get the alert info to be recognised when using a ring group and this on top of the single ring tone is driving me mad so any help on these issues would be really appreciated guys.


Okay so I suddenly remembered the ring tone issue could be something in the “Advanced Settings Tab” and after looking and seeing “Country Indication Tones” bingo UK ringing but I am still at a loss about the ring group alert info not being passed along in the newer version SGN7 perhaps someone might know what I am doing wrong there?

I was hoping someone might be able to help with this but it seems I am alone on this one:

Current issue on version - FreePBX
Alert info on ring group set to “external” - phone type is Yealink T28P

Result single ring e.g. internal ring tone ?

If I set the inbound route to go direct to the extension it works perfectly so why not when I use a “Ring Group”?

You haven’t provided any logs so no one has anything to actually go on.

@Jimmyinit Please do the following from shell:

asterisk -rvvvvvvvvv
sip set debug on OR pjsip set logger on <- pick whatever your extension uses
< place call to reproduce issue >

Copy the resulting scrollback to Copy that link and paste it here.

Hi cullenl,

I tried to reply via email but that didn’t work but anyway thank you for your reply I will try this tomorrow morning as I had to back out and return to a known working solution as destinctive ringing is a must for my install.

With thanks and back soon with the results.


So I got in early again today and did as you advised and I looked through the results before going to and I saw a line that interested me and that was:

PJSIP_HEADER(add,Alert-Info)=external;volume=14") in new stack

and I thought to myself why I am using SIP not PJSIP (but anyway I am no coder so perhaps that is normal) and this intruged me so I went to the ring group that I had created and noticed that I had in fact for some reason set “Ringer Volume Override to 14” so I thought turn it off and see what that does and hey presto it worked like a charm so I do not know if this is a bug that needs looking at but hey I fixed my problem with community guidance so thank you both for taking the time to reply and I hope this information will help someone in the future.

That’s great that it’s working. Your can test your hypothesis by enabling that setting again and testing. If you could do that and report back, it’d be helpful to anyone else experiencing the same issue. Be sure to hit “Apply Changes” in the top corner when you’re done.

Hi again I came in today to test this out of hours and yes if “Ringer Volume Override” is set it causes the alert info to be lost so if you come across this and you are pulling your hair out look at that setting as it has adverse effects.

The setting only works on sangoma phones.