ALERT_INFO - MP104 - Cannot parse message

After changing my voip Gateway last night and moving it to MP104 i found that incomming calls are not reaching my voip gateway.
After digging in my pbx logs and some debuging on the sip i found that the pbx for incomming calls was passing the header Alert-Info.
The Alert-Info in the inbound route was set to none so this header should not have been present.
Digging further i found that in the databse in table incomming the alertinfo field is set to: ’ ’ and not ‘’ it contains a space. This space makes the macro-dial-one introduce the Alert-Info header in the sip headers.
How can i get in touch with some one from freepbx to modify the core in order to take into consideration this fact.
I suggest a change from:
exten => s,n,GosubIf($["${ALERT_INFO}"!=""]?func-set-sipheader,s,1(Alert-Info,${ALERT_INFO}))
exten => s,n,GosubIf($["${ALERT_INFO}"!="" && ["${ALERT_INFO}"!=" "]?func-set-sipheader,s,1(Alert-Info,${ALERT_INFO}))

So it takes into account the space. I also tried to modify the web page to trim the space before updateting the db table but it makes the Alert Info select not work correctly.

This is severely broken. I suggest you not use it

Ok maybe the syntax is incorect i have not implemented this on my pbx.
I just posted here on this topic in order to record the issue.
I would gladly put this problem on but i cannot since my user cannot login.
Can you post this for me please?
I tried to mail [email protected] but the email bounced. So i have no way of adding this problems to issues.

For the moment i have modified the field in the database to have empty instead of the space!
exten => s,n,GosubIf($["${ALERT_INFO}"!="" & “${ALERT_INFO}”!=" "]?func-set-sipheader,s,1(Alert-Info,${ALERT_INFO}))
I have corected the syntax!

My issues account seems to be working now. I`ve posted the issue there.

This has been fixed in the newest core