Alert Info and SNOM phones

Seems like it should be easy / work… but it does not. ;(

Freepbx 2.9.x
on an inbound route, I have: ‘Alert Info’ externalcall

on my snom 821 phone I have: Alert External Text: externalcall and I assigned a
specail ring for it…

I saved / reloaded both the freepbx and snom phones…

I call my DID number… the asterisk log shows:
"__ALERT_INFO=externalcall") in new stack

the snom phone shows:
Alert-Info: externalcall

but the assigned ringer on the snom phone for
Alert-Info: externalcall
does not ring… the ‘normal’ ringer runs.

what am I missing?

I don’t have any other SIP devices to test this with… so I’m not sure if it is a SNOP specific thing or what exactly.