WE have an aplication that use URL call from any SIP phone that use URL like idefisk,\ Eyebeam

Sample EXT//:3055551111 (just a sample)

when alarm is triggered de Computer will just dial the Phone Number using EyeBeam,IDEFISK,IAX2, etc.

the number show in the CID (then we know there was a alarm Fired)

i will like to call that phone a play a Recording Message telling the service Down Any Expert know how to acomplish this?

Umm… Send it to a Digital Receptionist, I would guess would be the easiest.


somethign like that is that we want.

but using SIP url call i can only dial an Number(SIP:3053334444) no trasnfer using URL call,
so how we can send/trasnfer after call answered to any recepcionist/IVR/Recording?